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To complete the German Heart Failure Registry, Stiftung IHF provides its support in 2014 in performing 1,000 interviews with patients over the phone as well as scientific analyses and in preparing publications.


Characteristics, management modalities and outcome in chronic systolic heart failure patients treated in tertiary care centers: results from the EVIdence based TreAtment in Heart Failure (EVITA-HF) registry.
von Scheidt W, Zugck C, Pauschinger M, Hambrecht R, Bruder O, Hartmann A, Rauchhaus M, Zahn R, Brachmann J, Tebbe U, Neumann T, Strasser RH, Böhm M, Störk S, Hochadel M, Heidemann P, Senges J. 
Clin Res Cardiol. 2014 Jul 23. 


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