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81st Annual Meeting

Cardiology Congress in Mannheim

About 8,500 cardiologists from more than 30 countries worldwide participated in this year’s German Cardiac Society’s (DGK’s) Annual Meeting in Mannheim during the week following the Eastern holidays. As in previous years, Stiftung IHF’s stand was highly frequented and intensely used by specialists to exchange with peers about current and planned projects.

A scientific program with about 50 contributions presented the findings of studies made possible thanks to Stiftung IHF’s support. Five of these contributions seemed worthwhile for DGK press releases to reach a broader audience: Dr. Straube (Munich) investigated the FREEZEplus registry for the benefits of cold or hot cardiac ablation in conductors causing atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Moser (Hamburg) analyzed the prolonged medication of patients post ablation for atrial fibrillation based on data from the German Ablation Registry. Dr. Fichtner (Munich) investigated the safety and effectiveness of ablations in patients suffering from frequent extrasystoles also based on data from the German Ablation Registry. Using the CPU registry, Dr. Perne (Mainz) documented that an abnormal heart rate in patients admitted in chest pain units is associated with a poor prognosis. Dr. Puls (Göttingen) presented data from the German TRAMI registry (catheter based intervention for mitral valve repair) to demonstrate the development over time from 2010 to 2013.

The German Cardiac Society’s Annual Meeting offers Stiftung IHF an excellent opportunity to present its broad range of activities successfully and with great response. Stiftung IHF’s Board would like to thank everyone who made this possible.

For the above mentioned DGK press releases click here.


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